Spidey Wall for Real

I owe thanks to Rupert Rawnsley for the guest post he did on a way of controlling the Spidey Wall which has given me the impetus to get the job “finished”.


There are 1686 LEDs in the wall and each is individually addressable. After trying many schemes for controlling the LEDs I ended up with an MBED LPC1768 which runs a very lightweight web server. The server implements a REST API with a small number of methods, and only the following 3 are used to make this demo:

  • Clear
  • POST RGB values for every LED (a POST payload of around 5Kbytes)
  • Show

This allows a very simple web application to drive the Spidey Wall (cross-domain access is overcome by sending the access-control-allow-origin headers from the web server). So a small amount of javascript can be used to create stunning visuals.

In this video the Spidey Wall appears in landscape orientation although it is really rotated 90 degrees to this – i.e. it is taller than it is wide.

Thanks again to Rupert for providing the inspiration needed to get to this stage.