Hybrid Super-Caps – power for electronic jewelry?

Are Hybrid Super-Capacitors a good option for powering electronic jewelry. In attempting to find out I realised how little I know about the chemistry of these devices and how odd their behaviour is compared to plain old super capacitors – or LiPo batteries for that matter!

Is ArduinoJson Pointless?

Extracting values from JSON using ArduinoJson almost-always** takes many times longer and consumes many times more memory than just parsing the JSON “on-demand” every time you want to extract a value. RaftJson is an on-demand parser which is many times quicker than ArduinoJson in most real-world uses.

Investigating ESP32-C3 Power Management

While developing some electronic Jewelry I have measured the power consumption of the ESP32-C3 microcontroller to see if it might be a good fit for my needs.

Scader Lights Up Many Circuits

Installed LightScader

Banish wireless lighting systems with a cascadable lighting controller using Solid-State Relays and wired communication.

Use the Factory Pattern to Untangle your Code

The Factory pattern is a powerful way to decouple parts of your app. Unfortunately a lot of tutorials on this pattern miss the point about decoupling and have a switch statement in the factory to generate each object. This negates the benefit of the factory in my opinion so here’s a tutorial with full abstraction.

Create a React Native TypeScript Package

I wasted many hours trying to create a TypeScript package that would work with an existing React Native Typescript project. Here’s hoping this saves someone else some of those hours!