Pushing Z80 to the Limits

Asked enough times how to modify RC2014 processor boards to use all the BusRaider features I decided it was time to build one that works out of the box. With a few more goodies thrown in.

Introducing the Stepper Hat Trio

A new board for driving up to three stepper motors, WiFi connected with a web-server UI for CNC or dedicated applications. Based on the Raspberry Pi HAT format and also allowing control from a Pi,

Marty Learns to Swing – Part 2

In this, the second part of the series, I develop an OpenAI Gym to model Marty the Robot on a swing and get it to the point where we can start testing strategies for keeping Marty swinging once he gets started.

Marty Learns To Swing – Part 1

Marty is an amazing walking robot designed by Sandy Enoch and the Robotical team. Here we’re starting the process of teaching Marty how to use a playground swing.

Say NO to Headless Dogs

The Ender 3 is a cheap 3D printer which turns out to be amazing. The only snag is that it prints headless dogs. So here’s an upgrade to make sure you get the whole hound.

SpeakUp – WiFi Log-on over Audio

Have you ever had trouble trying to get a “thing” (bathroom scales, ) onto your WiFi? Does it have to be so hard? Follow this post to see how to send WiFi credentials using nothing but sound from a browser!

Is Yours a Face that Opens Doors

Using a combination of OpenCV and Amazon Rekognition for a fast-response facial recognition – to open doors and other things.