Now Printing Multi-colour – But with an Unexpected Degree of Waste

Weighing in at 3.7g Marvin is quite a little fellow, and not a little cute either, but printing him as a single item on the new Prusa Multi-material i3 MK2 creates a staggering 19g of waste!

robNow Printing Multi-colour – But with an Unexpected Degree of Waste

MK14 meets 7Bot

Programming this old computer by hand proved tedious so I decided to try a robot arm instead.

robMK14 meets 7Bot

A Reliable MBED WebServer

I’ve had several goes at making a fast and reliable web server for MBED. Now I think I have finally cracked it!

robA Reliable MBED WebServer

Scara Arm Calculations

A small library to simplify calculations on SCARA arms on an MBED

robScara Arm Calculations

Sensing Mains with Mbed/Arduino

Using an off-ebay voltage alerter as a heating pump monitor on an MBED/Arduino.

robSensing Mains with Mbed/Arduino

Our home heating system sucks!

Partly it’s the up-to-temperature problem where centrally located thermostats register that all is well while some rooms are still cold – or vice versa and the boiler/furnace runs pointlessly.

robOur home heating system sucks!