SandBot Software Revamp

Built the robot, now for the software. How to draw smooth patterns in sand by describing the pattern as a mathematical expression. And with a nice new web-based UI to make it all easy.

robSandBot Software Revamp

A New SandBot

A totally new design for the SandBot which creates Sand Art by moving a ball-bearing on a bed of sand using magnetism and a SCARA robot.

robA New SandBot

Galaxy Invasion – 80’s Style

Galaxy Invasion – using a new bit of hardware (and software) I’ve designed to allow retro 8bit gaming on an RC2104 computer. Can you save the 1980’s galaxy from invasion!

robGalaxy Invasion – 80’s Style

Show me the Money

Ringing a bell in the office to celebrate closing a significant deal is a great motivator for everyone in a company. This project brings the notion up-to-date with a connected-bell using the IoT platform Particle and automated connection to a CRM or Twitter account.

robShow me the Money

Not So Droopy SCARA (Robot Arm)

Prompted by an email from JJRobots, here’s a single-arm SCARA design that I’ve been working on that could be suitable for drilling, 3D printing, etc.

robNot So Droopy SCARA (Robot Arm)

A Bigger Delta

Learning a little about Delta 3D printers gave me enough confidence to design my own and I’m very happy to say that the genesis has been a lot of fun.

robA Bigger Delta

Now Printing Multi-colour – But with an Unexpected Degree of Waste

Weighing in at 3.7g Marvin is quite a little fellow, and not a little cute either, but printing him as a single item on the new Prusa Multi-material i3 MK2 creates a staggering 19g of waste!

robNow Printing Multi-colour – But with an Unexpected Degree of Waste

Machine Learning – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

There are a lot of cats around where we live and some are agressive towards our pets. So here’s a description of a successful project to deter them from waiting outside our cat-flap to beat up our guys.

robMachine Learning – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Flight Trim

A present for my daughter which turned into quite an enjoyable little project with a good outcome.

robFlight Trim

A Line in the Sand

Drawing in sand – it’s “just” a ball bearing moving around a circular, sand-covered tabletop using a concealed magnet – how hard can it be?

robA Line in the Sand