Investigating ESP32-C3 Power Management

While developing some electronic Jewelry I have measured the power consumption of the ESP32-C3 microcontroller to see if it might be a good fit for my needs.

Scader Lights Up Many Circuits

Installed LightScader

Banish wireless lighting systems with a cascadable lighting controller using Solid-State Relays and wired communication.

Use the Factory Pattern to Untangle your Code

The Factory pattern is a powerful way to decouple parts of your app. Unfortunately a lot of tutorials on this pattern miss the point about decoupling and have a switch statement in the factory to generate each object. This negates the benefit of the factory in my opinion so here’s a tutorial with full abstraction.

Create a React Native TypeScript Package

I wasted many hours trying to create a TypeScript package that would work with an existing React Native Typescript project. Here’s hoping this saves someone else some of those hours!

Embedding Micropython on ESP32

Embedding MicroPython in an existing ESP IDF project turned out not to be so simple. So here’s a guide to how I managed to get it working.