Installing ESP-IDF on WSL2

I find that the Espressif ESP32 documentation for installing their IDF development toolchain doesn’t work for me on WSL2 without a few mods …

Pushing Z80 to the Limits

Asked enough times how to modify RC2014 processor boards to use all the BusRaider features I decided it was time to build one that works out of the box. With a few more goodies thrown in.

Introducing the Stepper Hat Trio

A new board for driving up to three stepper motors, WiFi connected with a web-server UI for CNC or dedicated applications. Based on the Raspberry Pi HAT format and also allowing control from a Pi,

Marty Learns to Swing – Part 2

In this, the second part of the series, I develop an OpenAI Gym to model Marty the Robot on a swing and get it to the point where we can start testing strategies for keeping Marty swinging once he gets started.

Marty Learns To Swing – Part 1

Marty is an amazing walking robot designed by Sandy Enoch and the Robotical team. Here we’re starting the process of teaching Marty how to use a playground swing.

Say NO to Headless Dogs

The Ender 3 is a cheap 3D printer which turns out to be amazing. The only snag is that it prints headless dogs. So here’s an upgrade to make sure you get the whole hound.