Show me the Money

Ringing a bell in the office to celebrate closing a significant deal is a great motivator for everyone in a company. This project brings the notion up-to-date with a connected-bell using the IoT platform Particle and automated connection to a CRM or Twitter account.

robShow me the Money

Not So Droopy SCARA (Robot Arm)

Prompted by an email from JJRobots, here’s a single-arm SCARA design that I’ve been working on that could be suitable for drilling, 3D printing, etc.

robNot So Droopy SCARA (Robot Arm)

A Bigger Delta

Learning a little about Delta 3D printers gave me enough confidence to design my own and I’m very happy to say that the genesis has been a lot of fun.

robA Bigger Delta

Now Printing Multi-colour – But with an Unexpected Degree of Waste

Weighing in at 3.7g Marvin is quite a little fellow, and not a little cute either, but printing him as a single item on the new Prusa Multi-material i3 MK2 creates a staggering 19g of waste!

robNow Printing Multi-colour – But with an Unexpected Degree of Waste

Machine Learning – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

There are a lot of cats around where we live and some are agressive towards our pets. So here’s a description of a successful project to deter them from waiting outside our cat-flap to beat up our guys.

robMachine Learning – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Flight Trim

A present for my daughter which turned into quite an enjoyable little project with a good outcome.

robFlight Trim

A Line in the Sand

Drawing in sand – it’s “just” a ball bearing moving around a circular, sand-covered tabletop using a concealed magnet – how hard can it be?

robA Line in the Sand

MK14 meets 7Bot

Programming this old computer by hand proved tedious so I decided to try a robot arm instead.

robMK14 meets 7Bot

Board Anyone?

Making PCBs used to be hard. But now I’ve found EasyEDA and it’s great. Here are links to some boards I’ve made. So what’s stopping you. Get making!

robBoard Anyone?

A Little Logger

A quick route to a wireless data logger for testing ways to detect light levels outside

robA Little Logger