three ajax problems in my Phonegap app

I’m working on a Phonegap application to run on tablet computers on the walls in my house. I’d been making good progress and enjoying it – using CoffeeScript and LESS for the first time in anger and trying out Sublime (with some plugins) which I’m also very happy with.  But yesterday I started on what I thought would be the …

robthree ajax problems in my Phonegap app

a qt stock ticker

a simple stock ticker using Python and Qt

roba qt stock ticker

voice command

turning on the kitchen projector proves to be a more complex problem than expected.

robvoice command

drawing straight lines with a Polargraph

Well, I have been busy with other things but hankering to get the Polargraph I got as a kit from Sandy Noble to plot lines as straight as possible.  The process wasn’t as simple as I’d expected for quite a number of reasons including, as often seems to be the case these days, an overestimation of my ability to remember …

robdrawing straight lines with a Polargraph

polargraph from Sandy Noble

A few weeks ago I ordered a Polargraph kit from fellow Edinburgh resident Snady Noble at After sitting on the shelf for a little while I found the time to build it and try out a couple of plots using Sandy’s software which creates pleasing drawings from bitmapped images.  Here are a couple of plots.    In the cat …

robpolargraph from Sandy Noble

origami circuits

A few weeks ago I spotted an article on Paper Circuits at Evil Mad Scientist and I thought something similar would make a nice project to do with my kids. I’m always looking for an excuse to try some interesting kit so the idea of using a conductive paste to make the circuit appealed a lot and it also allowed …

roborigami circuits