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Towards the end of 2009 I started working with a colleague on an idea for helping frustrated inventors to get their products made.  The reason this appealed to the pair of us is that we’ve had a good number of product ideas ourselves and only managed to get a small number of them produced – having had to form whole companies just to get the thing off the ground.  The problem for us, and pretty much anyone else who has an idea for a product, is that you need cash to see the idea through.

The key dilemma is that you have to put the money (your own or someone else’s) into the idea before you know whether there’s a market for it.  Even if you take the classical route and do market testing first it can be very costly and there’s no guarantee that the product will succeed even if the market testing goes well.

Which leads me on to the big idea we’re pursuing?

The site we’re in the process of launching is called (it’s up if you want to take a look) and the big idea is a mixture of a number of current vogue themes with a bit of our own magic thrown in.  getitmade is a place where Creators can pre-sell their products to Customers using social networking to publicize their ideas.  Customers only pay for product that reaches its production target and gets made.  Creators retain their intellectual property rights and we take a fee for helping.

To use inventors don’t need to be able to produce the product but it helps if you have good ideas about how to sell it.  We recommend that a video is made as part of what customers are buying into is the Creator. Products can be pretty much anything – physical or not.  We’re hoping we can help to get some really interesting ideas off the ground.

The reason I say that is launching is that, despite the site being live, there aren’t actually any products there right now and we’re looking for people (and companies) that have product ideas they want to get made.  If you know of anyone who might be interested please send them to or email us:

If you’ve got ideas on how to make getitmade better then please let us know.  There’s a Feedback button on the site so please use it.

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